Respawn’s Finally Fixed One Of Apex Legends’ Most Annoying Bugs

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has finally managed to fix one of the most irritating bugs affecting Apex Legends just in time for Season 5.

The battle royale’s next major update is due to arrive next week and, as is often the case during current lull periods, now marks the perfect opportunity for a round of much-needed house cleaning before the Battle Pass grind begins anew. Over the weekend, Respawn confirmed via social media the eradication of a particularly nasty bug that players have been reporting for some time.

Rather than be restricted to performing a slow crawl and the last resort act of brandishing a shield, some players discovered – either through unintended behaviour or a means of intentionally replicating the glitch – the ability to continue firing their weapons while knocked to the floor, causing untold headaches for teams unaware of the exploit. You can check out an example of what that looks like in our previous coverage.

Thankfully, however, the irritant should now be a thing of the past. The developer’s most recent update on Twitter reads as so:

Heads up, Legends! Today we pushed through a quick patch that fixed an exploit which allowed players to shoot their weapon when downed.

That’s one intrusive issue fixed, then, though by taking a brief glance at fan responses, it appears at least one hot topic remains unaddressed. Many people, it seems, want nothing more than for Respawn to reevaluate its stance on introducing skill-based matchmaking to non-ranked playlists. Whether or not the studio will finally relent and make the changes being called for in or before Season 5 remains to be seen, though it certainly can’t ignore the feedback forever.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor kicks off May 12th and introduces new Legend Loba. See here for all the details.