Watch: New Apex Legends Season 5 Trailer Teases Loba

Apex Legends

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s cryptic Season 5 teaser, which gave players very little to go on, Respawn has just shared a trailer showcasing Apex Legends‘ newest character, Loba Andrade.

The new Stories from the Outlands promo gives us our first glimpse at an older version of Loba, whose father was killed by Revenant in his character announcement trailer for Season 4: Assimilation. Now an adult, Loba has taken to thievery and a free-spirited lifestyle, but when her friend states that he’s found Revenant, she’s confronted with her past once again, clearly setting the stage for a riveting revenge story.

The Bloodhound-focused The Old Ways wrapped up on April 21st, marking Season 4’s final big event as Respawn prepares to release the fifth season to adoring fans. The fourth season’s battle pass will also come to a close on May 5th, so if you have anything left to do to earn any of the perks or items included in it, you’ve got very little time to finish that up and snag those rewards.

Currently, you can jump into the game’s limited-time mode, Battle Armor, which starts players with armor and a P2020 pistol so they can get right into the action from the moment they drop. This mode will be active until the launch of Season 5.

And rest assured that Apex Legends isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as recent job listings indicate that the game is quite likely to be getting a port to next-gen consoles later this year. It’s unsurprising news, of course, considering its immense popularity, but fans will be excited to hear that it may get a nice upgrade for their shiny new systems.

Season 5 of Apex Legends will go live on May 12th.