New Apex Legends Story Trailer Reveal Teases First Look At Season 5

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up to pull back the curtain on Apex Legends Season 5, it seems.

The developer confirmed yesterday that the battle royale’s latest story trailer – Legacy of a Thief – will debut today, April 30th, in just a few hours’ time, but what exactly should viewers expect to see? With Season 5 just over a week away, the reveal will undoubtedly have some details to share for the upcoming changeover, though it’s worth reiterating that this is strictly a narrative-driven affair, so direct gameplay will almost certainly be off the table.

Similarly to the gorgeously animated short that preceded Season 4’s launch, Legacy of a Thief will likely make official (or at the very least tease), the next playable character primed to join the Apex Games next month. Fans are still in the dark as to the individual ‘s identity, of course, though thanks to Respawn’s deliberate use of a certain memorable image in announcing the upcoming trailer, Loba is all but a shoo-in at this stage in the game.

Having witnessed Revenant’s murder of her father at a young age, Loba is said to be seeking revenge on the synthetic assassin for destroying her family and has been hunting for the means to shut him down for good in the years since. In-game teasers discovered earlier this week coupled with recent leaks purportedly revealing the character’s various abilities absolutely gives the impression of there being little wiggle room for error, but we’ll hold off on labelling anything a fact for now.

Respawn has a reputation for masterful misdirection, don’t forget, so we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see it subvert the expectations of Apex Legends players yet again. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be sure to let you know the specifics as and when the news breaks, so stay tuned.