New Apex Legends Season 5 Teaser Hints At Showdown Between Revenant And Loba

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 may have suffered a short delay, but that hasn’t stopped Respawn from getting the hype train rolling in anticipation of the big day.

The developer kicked off its usual teaser campaign a few weeks back by adding a number of hidden lore items into World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, with the latter even indicated to be undergoing extensive geographical changes following the conclusion of Season 4: Assimilation. What exactly the rumored new point of interest will serve remains to be seen, of course, but many fans believe the location will have narrative ties to the inevitable new Legend.

Speaking of which, there remains no official word as to the mysterious combatant’s identity, though recent leaks seem to all but confirm that Loba will be next in line to join the fight. Harbouring an untold amount of hatred for Revenant over the murder of her father years prior, the little girl turned badass warrior is said to want nothing more than to serve justice to her synthetic enemy, though it’s a job seemingly easier said than done.

The teaser below provided by Respawn yesterday implies that shutting down Revenant isn’t as simple as flipping a switch:

Several handwritten notes in the image seemingly written by Loba herself document her research into Revenant, with phrases such as “source code,” “Security?” and “Can’t be stopped?” clearly outlining her futile attempts to discover what makes the robotic assassin tick. Whether or not she’ll have finally stumbled upon an answer by the time Season 5 rolls around remains to be seen, but fans can surely expect the pair’s eventual reunion to be marked by a rather heated exchange.

As always, we’ll ultimately have to wait and see what Respawn has planned and with less than two weeks to go until Apex Legends Season 5’s arrival, you can expect to learn more sooner rather than later, so watch this space.