Respawn Says Apex Legends Has A 3-4 Year Content Plan


Is Apex Legends destined to fade away into obscurity, or is its caretaker dedicated to ensuring the battle royale remains – and continues to be – successful? Had that question been asked, say, several weeks after launch, the resounding answer would undoubtedly have been in favour of the former, but now? Let’s just say that Respawn finally appears to have found its feet in recent weeks, having kickstarted a feeling of forward momentum that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Just prior to E3 and its promise of a not-to-be-missed Season 2 reveal, the developer air-dropped its first-ever limited-time event into Kings Canyon. A brand new game mode, desirable cosmetics and some welcome progression systems arrived alongside Legendary Hunt, largely ticking all the boxes present on players’ wish lists.

Since then, of course, fans have been privy to some of the improvements and game-changing adjustments coming with Season 2: Battle Charge, providing even further reasons for players to stick around for the long term.

Even with Season 2 looking to be an improvement over its predecessor in every way imaginable, though, concerns over what happens next are still present. Nobody, not least Respawn, wants a repeat of the content drought that followed Wild Frontier’s launch, a scenario that the studio is now in a good position to ensure doesn’t reoccur, it seems. Speaking to Hollywood Reporter’s Patrick Shanley, project lead Drew McCoy revealed that the team has a “fuzzy” 3-4 year long-term plan for the fledgeling shooter.

With fuzzy being the key adjective here, it’s likely the case that McCoy and his colleagues are still in the very early stages of shaping its future plans for Apex Legends. Nonetheless, it being public knowledge that Respawn intends to support its youngest for years to come will surely provide equal parts relief and excitement for the game’s potential longevity.

What the future brings, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, all eyes are currently on Season 2 and roster newcomer Wattson. See here for all the details.

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