Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunt Event Kicks Off Next Week


Respawn has been struggling for some time now to give Apex Legends players a reason to stick around. Beyond Season 1: Wild Frontier and the addition of new character Octane back in March, the assembly line dedicated to new content has remained out of order indefinitely. Several unforeseen issues have been blamed for that drought, not least cheaters and persistent performance woes, though with those irritants now largely dealt with, it appears the battle royale is ready to get back on track.

We already know, of course, that the first details for Season 2 are scheduled to arrive alongside next week’s E3, though with several under-the-hood improvements already teased and a brand new event arriving before then, excitement levels are already beginning to hit outrageous heights. You can learn all about the former over here, for we’ve got a so-called Legendary Hunt to discuss.

First things first, though. Check out the gallery below for some of the tasty rewards you’ll be earning when the celebration kicks off next week, June 4th.

As to how you’ll go about unlocking those snazzy cosmetics, the answer is simple: challenges. Similarly to Epic Games’ Fortnite, players will need to complete the tasks outlined by each in order to tick them off, a process which will ultimately lead to the coveted prizes displayed above and more.

Do note, too, that while those will be accessible to free and Battle Pass players alike, the latter will have access to two further Legendary Skins. One of these will be awarded automatically, while the other requires reaching Battle Pass level 15 before the event’s conclusion.

Rounding out the remainder of the event is a double XP weekend beginning June 7th, as well as a new ‘Apex Elite Queue’ mode. See below for all the details.

Apex Elite Queue

  • Test yourself against the best with the Apex Elite queue. Make it to the Top 5 in any match to earn your way into a select queue full of other Top 5 winners.
  • Here’s the catch: in order to continue playing in the queue you will have to keep placing in the Top 5.

That about wraps up all the relevant details for Legendary Hunt, though Kings Canyon regulars can expect a wealth of further news concerning Apex Legends‘ future next week. Stay tuned.