Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Will Have Daily/Weekly Challenges

apex Legends

Despite what you may’ve heard lately, Apex Legends hasn’t been left on life support. In fact, Respawn has continued to show small signs of support over the past few weeks, what with insightful blog posts and a generally increased focus on community interaction, but none of it’s really done much to change the general feeling that the game is dying out, and quick. After all, actions speak louder than words, and while the developer has plenty of the latter to offer, fans are still left desperate for new content.

That’s mostly because Season 1 was a colossal failure. Yes, the once-promising competitor to Fortnite‘s throne is having a hard time attracting new players and keeping current ones engaged, and Respawn needs a big fat win if they wish to put Apex back where it was around February/March.

And so now, as we approach E3, it’s Wild Frontier’s successor that everyone’s looking towards with cautious optimism. New characters and weapons, as well as a renewed Battle Pass, are all expected, and while we’ll have to wait until June for the full scoop, the dev has teased us with a few of Season 2’s additions/features via a blog post on EA’s website, writing:

  • Level up via Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  • Time to Battle Pass level 100 should be significantly reduced.
  • Three additional Legendary skins added to the rewards track.
  • Three entirely new content categories replace badge and stat tracker rewards.
  • You’ll earn enough Crafting Metal rewards from the full reward track to craft a Legendary item, or whatever your heart desires.

Some of that stuff’s pretty exciting, particularly the Daily and Weekly challenges, so we’re hopeful that Respawn has learned from past mistakes. After all, if Season 2 follows in the footsteps of what came before, it might just be the final nail in the coffin for the once-promising battle royale title.

For both Respawn and Apex Legends‘ sake, we sincerely hope fan feedback has been taken into account and they’ve got something truly special in store for us when the veil over Season 2 is lifted at next month’s E3.