EA Outlines Plans For Apex Legends Season 2 Reveal Next Month


Apex Legends is currently at somewhat of a crossroads as far as its future is concerned.

By now, it’s no secret that the battle royale has struggled to maintain the explosive growth it enjoyed on launch back in February, but that’s hardly surprising. With 50 million thrillseekers cramming into Kings Canyon within the first 30 days of release, it was never going to be feasible for such an unprecedentedly successful start to keep following an upward trajectory.

Respawn knows as much, which is likely why it’s so far shown little worry or concern in light of recent reports, but that doesn’t mean Apex is in a good spot right now, either. Far from it, in fact. Incredibly satisfying gunplay it might have, but without new content being injected on a regular basis, even that solid foundation will inevitably begin to crumble. Since the game’s launch, but one major update – Season 1: Wild Frontier – has been introduced which, besides marking the arrival of new Legend Octane, most everything else was criticized for a lack of meat on the bone.

Three months on, the situation is largely unchanged, though big, potentially game-changing events are on the horizon. Having confirmed previously that an official reveal of Season 2 would take place alongside this year’s E3, publisher EA has since updated fans on Twitter with further details of what to expect. That includes, among other things, the chance for folks to meet the shooter’s development team in person for a chinwag, as well as first dibs on a brand new merch line.

See below for all the relevant details:

Exciting, but mildly troubling at the same time. EA’s promise of a “First look at Season 2 content” could imply that the refresh is further off than first thought, though it could be equally likely that it’d rather let the inevitable trailers and promo material speak for itself, before providing a release date.

Either way, we’ll be buckling in for what’s sure to be an eventful show for Apex Legends next month. Will you? Let us know in the comments below!