Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players As Respawn Promises Much More To Come

Apex Legends

As Epic did before it with Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment has hit an unprecedented home run with its own entry into the battle royale genre. Since launch last month, Apex Legends has attracted huge attention, drawing in tens of thousands of viewers on streaming platforms like Twitch, even beating out its competitor on several occasions. Only now, though, are we privy to the official figures contributing to Apex Legends‘ overnight success.

Respawn Entertainment head Vince Zampella took to Twitter today in order to celebrate an eye-watering milestone for the month-old title, revealing that in excess of 50 million thrillseekers have taken up arms in the quest to be crowned victor, in turn promising that there’s “much more to come” for the video game industry’s latest hot property.

What that promise entails, Zampella is (for now) leaving open-ended for fans to speculate over, though Respawn has already outlined some of its plans for the future, chief among them being seasonal updates. The first of those is scheduled to begin at some point this month, no doubt bringing with it a new wave of cosmetics and other customization options, but what else?

Given its connection to Respawn’s beloved Titanfall franchise, it could well be the case that more content (pilotable Titans, anyone?) from those two games could wind up in Apex Legends. Usable vehicles and additional modes (most notably an option for players who prefer the lone wolf approach) are both heavily suspected to be making an appearance at some point down the road, but there’s no telling what’s currently on Respawn’s list of priorities.

At the very least, a new character, the recently leaked Octane, is confirmed to be in the works, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the weeks and months ahead bring for Apex Legends‘ ever-growing player base. Stay tuned.