Apex Legends Leak Gives Best Look Yet At New Character Octane

Apex Legends

Any game developed by the folks at Respawn would be worthy of attention (if you haven’t checked out Titanfall 2‘s astonishing single-player campaign, you’re missing out). But it’s probably safe to say that not many people expected Apex Legends to land as hard as it did.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a ton of news stories breathlessly reporting on its impressive player count: a million, then ten million and perhaps most jaw-dropping of all, it recently passed the twenty-five million mark. That’s a heck of a lot of gamers who’ve turned up to see what all the fuss is about, and we’re betting that almost all of them have walked away with a smile on their face after playing a few rounds.

After all, Apex Legends is a cut above most battle royale titles thanks to its punchy guns, innovative team mechanics and kinetic movement. With the studio already revealing that they have plans for the game to continue for another decade, it’s clear that a ton of additional content is headed our way and earlier this week, the first new character leaked onto the web.

Named Octane, the Legend’s abilities and design were revealed a few days back, but this new photo in the gallery down below gives us our best look at him yet. Frankly, he appears as if he hopped right out of something like Borderlands, but we’re definitely digging what we see and can’t wait to get our hands on him.

As for his abilities, well, as we said above, they found their way online just the other day but in case you missed it, we’ve included them below:

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time.

Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie

Move 30% faster for 8 seconds. Costs 10% Health. Immune to slows while active.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air.

All in all, Octane definitely sounds like an exciting new Legend to add to the roster and we can’t wait for Respawn to start spilling the beans on both when we can expect to get our hands on him and what else they’ve got planned for Apex Legends.