First Details And Photo Of Apex Legends’ New Character Octane Leak Online

Apex Legends

Almost ever since it arrived, we’ve seen a metric ton of leaked data from the game of the moment, Apex Legends. Just like Fortnite before it, eager beavers have dug through every inch of the code and extracted as much as they possibly could. Already, we’ve seen evidence that Respawn are planning to introduce larger and smaller squad sizes, that new weapons are on the way and a hoverbike is thought to be in the works, too.

Now, we have even more to share, as data-miners have discovered that a new character may be arriving next month. As initially reported by Gaming Intel, files for someone named Octane have been discovered and apparently, he’ll be with us during Week 8, which would be at the end of March. Seeing as Respawn’s already told us we’ll be receiving one new Legend per season, it certainly makes sense for them to release the next character at that point.

But that’s not all, as folks have now turned up the first photo of Octane and uncovered his abilities, too, and you can check it all out for yourself in the gallery down below.

In case you want a closer look at what Octane will be capable of, here’s another breakdown of those abilities seen in the screenshot above:

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time.

Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie

Move 30% faster for 8 seconds. Costs 10% Health. Immune to slows while active.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air.

So, all things considered, it’s looking like Octane will be a pretty fun new character for gamers to sink their teeth into, and we certainly look forward to learning more about him once Respawn’s ready to spill the beans.

Until then, though, it’s about time we start getting prepared for Apex Legendsfirst season of content to arrive, with the developer previously telling us it’ll be touching down in March. And with Fortnite recently launching its very own new season, you can bet that Respawn will be putting together something pretty special for us as they hope to steal gamers away from the current king of the battle royale genre.