Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Characters And Abilities

Apex Legends

Any game brought to us by the incredibly talented Respawn would be worthy of attention, but not many people expected Apex Legends to land as hard as it did.

In just a few short weeks, the title has seen its player count balloon: a million, then ten million and last week, it was revealed that a whopping twenty-five million people have now logged in to see what all the fuss is about. And you know what? We’re betting that the vast majority of them are absolutely thrilled with what they’ve found, too.

After all, Apex Legends is a cut above most battle royale multiplayer shooters. Thanks to its punchy guns, innovative team mechanics and the kinetic way you can navigate the map, there’s a lot to like and it seems as if the best is yet to come. Already, gamers have taken to data-mining the code to see what they can turn up and after learning that new weapons, vehicles and modes are all on the way, we’re now hearing about some new characters and abilities.

First up we have Octane, who apparently has a file for something called Stim. It’s unclear exactly what this is, but fans seem to think it’s a Stimpack of some sort. And as many have pointed out, if Titanfall 2‘s Stims are any indication, then it seems that this ability will perhaps provide a boost in speed.

Meanwhile, data-mining has also revealed another character named Wattson, who’ll come equipped with an ability known as the Tesla Trap. Again, what exactly it does is unclear, but its name would seem to indicate that it’s some kind of trap which may shock or electrocute an enemy.

In any case, given how much folks have combed through Fortnite already, there will no doubt be a lot more interesting discoveries to surface from Apex Legends‘ code in the coming weeks. That being said, it’s important to remember that just because something’s mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll end up being released. After all, some of this stuff could’ve just been discarded from the finished game for being unbalanced. Still, there’s enough pouring out lately to make it clear that Respawn has a good chunk of additional content for us that we’ve yet to lay eyes on.

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