Two Cool New Weapons Are Coming To Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has a reputation for great ‘weapon-feel’ in their games. Prior to Apex Legends, the best example was Titanfall 2, whose various pistols, shotguns and rifles all had fantastic sound design, a satisfying oomph to them and neat animation. But they’ve really gone above and beyond in their latest release.

My favorites (when I can get hold of them) are the Mastiff and the awesome .50-Cal Sniper, but almost everything has a certain special something to it that makes it incredibly satisfying to use (except the terrible Mozambique shotgun). Given that Respawn intends Apex Legends to last for a decade, it’s no surprise that they’re going to insert new weapons at some stage, and now it seems that data-miners at have discovered mention of two new weapons (and their stats) in the game’s files that might be included at a later date.

The first is the HAVOC energy rifle. This sounds like an all-rounder, delivering 18 points of damage to a body shot and 36 points for a head shot. We even have an idea of the weapon’s variable modes, with players being able to switch between single shot and automatic.

Then there’s the L-STAR EMG light machine gun, which delivers 21 points of body damage and 42 for a head shot. It’s got a low rate of fire, but seems like it could be a useful tool for players with quick reflexes and a great aim.

Based on the thoroughness with which folks have combed through the Fortnite code, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about interesting discoveries for a while to come yet. You should bear in mind though that just because something’s mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get a full release. After all, these could be test guns discarded from the finished game for being unbalanced. Still, there’s enough details here to make me think that we’ll be getting our hands on these babies in Apex Legends sooner rather than later.

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