Apex Legends Season 2 Will Be Revealed At E3 Next Month

Apex Legends

Despite the ugly image being projected around the internet right now, Apex Legends hasn’t been left on life support. In fact, Respawn has reiterated its commitment to seeing the battle royale succeed numerous times within the past few weeks, what with insightful blog posts and a generally increased focus on community interaction, but has that contributed to boosted player morale? Truthfully, not really. Actions speak louder than words, and while the developer has plenty of the latter to offer, the former is still somewhat lacking.

On the whole, Season 1 has gone down like a lead balloon with early adopters of the battle royale, its general lack of content only contributing to a steady decline in popularity. Without official figures, it’s impossible to measure how many joined the mass exodus from King’s Canyon, though it’s largely irrelevant. The once-promising competitor to Fortnite‘s throne is struggling, and Respawn needs a big fat win if it wishes to claw back what’s been lost.

Though further additions to the metagame are still on course to arrive before Season 1 concludes, it’s Wild Frontier’s successor that the player base is looking to with cautious optimism. New characters and weapons, as well as a renewed Battle Pass, are all part and parcel for the as-yet-unnamed refresh and with little more than a month to go until the transition happens, fans are understandably itching to discover what secrets it holds.

Fortunately, thanks to EA’s latest earnings call, we now know the curtain will be lifted on June 7th as part of the publisher’s E3 EA Play showcase. As for an early indication of what to expect at the reveal next month, a follow-up statement provided by CEO Andrew Wilson contains some tantalizing teasers.

We’re now very focused on delivering for this massive global community with a long-term live service, including new seasons with more robust Battle Pass content, new legends, and exciting evolutions to the in-game environment.

Necessary expansion to the Battle Pass aside, Wilson’s final reference to “exciting evolutions” for Apex‘s in-game environment could well be the first indication of changes headed to Kings Canyon. Akin to Fortnite‘s ever-changing Battle Island map, there’s a chance of Season 2 either adding bespoke new maps or giving its current sandbox a facelift. Exciting, to say the least. Let’s hope Respawn can deliver the goods.

Apex Legends Season 2 launches late June or early July.