Apex Legends Season 1 Will Be Adding Another New Character

Apex Legends

Apex Legends recently launched its first season and along with bringing us some new cosmetics and a few other goodies, we also got a brand new character in the form of Octane. But it seems that Season 1 still has some surprises in store for us, as we’re learning today that Respawn is planning to give gamers another new Legend as well before the current season comes to an end.

Widely believed to be Natalie Paquette aka Wattson, the game’s official page on the PS4 website confirms that this second new character will be arriving during Season 1, as it states that “two new characters will launch over the course of the season.” And though Respawn hasn’t given us an official end date for when Season 1 will come to a close just yet, we know that it’s set to last for around 12 weeks, which means you can readily expect to get your hands on Wattson at some point between now and mid-June.

As far as her backstory goes, Natalie Paquette is “the daughter of the late lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games” and she plays “a much different game than the other Legends,” whatever that might mean. Combine that with the fact that a Wattson logo also shows up on a few of the weapon skins, and it’s starting to look like whoever this chick is, she’s pretty important to the in-game universe and we’ll hopefully learn more about her before she drops into Apex Legends.

Of course, how exactly she’ll look and play remain the biggest questions on the minds of fans, but some data-mining from last month hinted that she’ll come equipped with a Tesla Coil, which will function as a trap. Beyond that, though, we still don’t know very much about her, and with Octane having only just made his debut this past week, Respawn will probably keep quiet on their plans for Wattson for a while longer.

Still, it’s nice to know that she’s on her way to Apex Legends and as soon as the developer spills a bit more about her, we’ll be sure to let you know.