Here’s When Apex Legends Season 2 Begins


The reception to the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass, titled Wild Frontier, has been a bit underwhelming so far. While new hero Octane is a ton of fun, a lot of folks are feeling pretty meh in regards to what’s on offer.

The Battle Pass has 100 levels to progress through, each with their own reward, but with so many of them being badges and stat trackers, it’s kind of hard to get too excited about it all. Honestly, we were hoping for something a bit more substantial like some epic character and weapon skins, or maybe even some custom emotes and alternate executions. Fortunately, though, there is at least one part of the Battle Pass that’s being received positively.

We’re talking, of course, about the fact that if you complete it fully by the time the season concludes, you’ll find yourself with 1000 Apex Coins (the game’s premium currency). If you don’t spend them beforehand, you’ll be able to unlock the Season 2 Battle Pass for no extra cost. But when, exactly, does Season 2 kick off?

Well, according to Dot eSports, the date you’ll want to mark down is June 18th at 1pm CST. Or at least, that’s when Season 1 comes to a close, which means that it’s also the same time Season 2 will get underway – most likely. After all, we know that the second season of content is locked in for June and it’d only make sense to assume that it’ll begin right when the current season ends.

If that is indeed the case, and we still have roughly three months left until the new season kicks off, then let’s hope that Respawn at least throws us an extra map or mode in the meantime. After all, some Apex Legends players are already complaining that things are beginning to feel stale – and understandably so – and if we’re stuck with the same map and mode from now until Season 2, the developer may find themselves losing some people along the way.

Source: Dot eSports

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