Top Apex Legends Streamer Thinks The Game’s Already Dying Out


After much hype, more leaks than we can count and a whole load of rumors, the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass is finally here. Entitled Wild Frontier, it gives you a chance to earn 100 unlocks just by playing the game. These include some new skins, Apex Coins (which can be put towards Season 2) and a whole bunch of badges, skill trackers and so on.

Since it hit the market in early February, Respawn has seen nothing but good press for Apex Legends, but finally, it looks like the honeymoon period is over, as folks are feeling pretty underwhelmed by the contents of Season 1. And it’s perfectly understandable why. After all, while 100 unlockable rewards sounds good on paper, when so many of them are just minor cosmetic alterations, it’s hard not to feel a bit short-changed.

In fact, if you ask popular Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect, the community is already getting tired of the game as there really isn’t that much to do.

“We’ve experienced it all in Apex that you could possibly even do and I’m just a little burnt out on it,” he said. “With excitement and interest, it’s kind of already tapering off—actually kind of quickly.”

Dr. Disrespect also went on to say that though there’s a bit of hype around the Battle Pass at the moment, that’ll soon die off and if Respawn doesn’t add in any fresh content soon, the number of people playing Apex Legends will slowly dwindle.

Truth be told, the streamer does have a point here. With only one mode and map, it’s not hard to believe that gamers are already beginning to burn out a bit when it comes to the battle royale title. And while it’s still a ton of fun and a nice alternative to something like Fortnite, you can only play the same thing so many times before it gets stale.

That being said, Apex Legends is still a brilliant game (especially considering it’s F2P), and though the vast majority of unlocks in the recent Battle Pass are, in all honesty, worthless, we still have full confidence that Respawn has more than enough great content coming down the pipeline to keep things feeling fresh and fun.