Apex Legends Adding Permanent Duos Mode And Kings Canyon Next Week

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are in for a treat next week.

Scheduled to arrive April 7th for all platforms, the battle royale’s next major update introduces a whole lot of content, not least a new Town Takeover event. As previous leaks quite rightly predicted, master hunter Bloodhound is the subject of this particular affair and involves players taking on groups of ravenous Prowlers eager to have you as their next meal.

You’ll have from the aforementioned date until April 21st to see everything that Bloodhound’s Trials has to offer, with a raft of free and premium cosmetics up for grabs throughout the two-week period. You can check out the event prize track, as well as all those skins that will be on sale over the next fortnight, below.

A promising event, for sure, but that’s not all Respawn has to offer. Arriving on the same day as Bloodhound’s Trials are a number of changes to Apex‘s various modes, all of which are intended to be permanent fixtures. First and foremost, Kings Canyon will finally be reopened for business on a regular basis and be part of a rotating map system shared with Season 3 addition World’s Edge.

In addition to that, Duos mode will debut as a perpetual option, itself adopting the aforementioned map rotation feature. All welcome changes then, no doubt, though with two distinctly different playlists now here to stay in Apex Legends, it’ll be interesting to see how Respawn intends to maintain balance between both going forward. Chances are, the developer will continue to consider Trios as the default (and most popular) option and will roll out future balance updates based on the status quo of that format.

Excited to see duos make its return to Apex Legends? Let us know what you think of its promotion to permanent status in the usual place below!