Apex Legends Adds Free Mass Effect Cosmetic, But Only For A Limited Time

Apex Legends

Respawn has added a special cosmetic item to Apex Legends that’s sure to delight fans of another EA IP.

Mass Effect, BioWare’s epic sci-fi RPG series, finally has representation, albeit in a small capacity, in the aforementioned battle royale, allowing players to show their adoration of Commander Shepard and his loyal crew to whoever they meet on the battlefield. Bearing the recognizable vocational code awarded only to Earth’s most proficient soldiers, the N7 Gun Charm, which you can find an image of below, is free right now. Well sort of, at least.

While the cute little trinket requires no direct payment to unlock, folks who aren’t already subscribed to subscription service EA Play will need to buy, at minimum, one month’s membership. Upon doing so, the tag will be yours to keep. It’s worth noting that this offer is only valid until April 8th, and it’s currently unclear whether this means the Charm will become available for standalone purchase after that date or gone for good. Our guess would be the latter.

EA Play comes with its own raft of benefits, of course, so if you’ve been eyeing up several games in the publisher’s library, this is the perfect excuse to sign up.

As for the likelihood of ever seeing Shepard make his or her grand return, we’re inclined to believe the events of Mass Effect 3 make that an unlikely prospect, but BioWare did recently confirm that a brand new installment in the franchise – set directly following the Reapers’ defeat – is in the works. Who the hero of this new adventure will be is anyone’s guess, though we definitely expect to see some familiar faces.

Live-action, on the other hand, is another beast entirely. In a recent post over on Instagram, Hollywood star Henry Cavill teased that he could be starring as Shepard in a cinematic adaptation. See here for the full story.