Apex Legends Brings Back A Fan-Favorite Mode For A Limited Time

Apex Legends

If you’re a fan of battle royale games, you have no dearth of choices to play in 2020. Just this month alone has introduced two new major entries in the genre in the form of Ubisoft’s competitive shooter Hyper Scape and Mediatonic’s hilarious party game Fall Guys, both of which have received tons of praise from gamers so far. But many players are still hooked on their favorite titles from earlier in the genre’s life, and one such game is continuing to provide plenty of reasons for people to remain invested.

Apex Legends is still killing it with meaningful content and character updates and new ways to play, and right now you can jump into a limited time mode that promises tons of fun. Always Be Closing was a fan favorite during its previous limited time run, and now it’s returned as Always Be Closing Evolved, which keeps the original’s concept of a ring that’s rapidly and consistently closing, but it now lets players start the game with a Mozambique and Evo Shield before setting them loose to find new gear.

It’s always nice to have a mode in a battle royale game that allows you start with a gun, effectively putting every player on the same playing field at drop. It’s unfortunate, however, that it has to be a Mozambique, as many of us would rather be killed on landing than have to use that gun. But at least it’s better than nothing… Sort of.

Always Be Closing Evolved is already live, and it’s expected to remain in the game until Apex Legends launches season 6 on August 18th, which is bringing a new legend named Rampart, a new weapon, a crafting system, and plenty more updates. In the meantime, you and your squad clearly have tons of time to dive in and pull off some sick Mozambique shots.