Apex Legends’ Pathfinder Getting New Passive Ability In Future Update

Apex Legends

A future Apex Legends update will see one of the game’s characters receive a substantial overhaul.

According to Sirus Gaming, the studio confirmed during a recent preview event for the battle royale that Pathfinder is in line to get some much-needed upgrades to his kit, with the lovable robot’s Passive specifically mentioned as an area requiring improvement. In current live builds, Insider Knowledge allows players to scan various beacons scattered around any map, in doing so reducing the cooldown timer on his Ultimate – Zipline – by 10 seconds. This action can be performed multiple times in a given match and stacked multiplicatively to bring Zipline’s refresh rate down from 120 seconds to just 80.

This, however, proved to be an unpopular addition to the synthetic’s repertoire, with many fans labeling it a borderline useless replacement for his original ability, which could predict the Ring’s movement. This handy reconnaissance tool would eventually be given to multiple Legends, leaving Pathfinder with the short end of the stick.

As for what Respawn intends to replace Inside Knowledge with, the developer is either unwilling or unable to say, so it remains unclear if a decision has even been reached. No ETA for the adjustments is provided, though sizeable changes such as these are traditionally distributed alongside major patches. That being the case, the earliest we’re likely to see any movement on the matter will be with Season 9’s start next week, though it’s equally possible that an even longer wait is in order.

We’ll just have to sit tight and see what transpires, then, but in the meantime, let us know the buffs you’d like to have Pathfinder receive in future Apex Legends updates down below!