Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Notes Reveal A Ton Of Balance Changes

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 6 is now live across all platforms and Respawn definitely hasn’t left fans wanting more this time around. In addition to all of the new content now playable across the battle royale’s two existing maps (a third is looking increasingly likely to be in the works), a wealth of gameplay and balance changes have taken effect, too. The patch notes for Boosted are exceptionally bulky and each new feature deserves a mention, so we’ll break them down individually starting with crafting.

In order to mitigate the ever-present and formless entity that is bad luck, crafting allows players to gather up materials found in loot bins and other locations and take them to a Replicator where they can be converted into a rotating stock of weapons and consumables. Another functionality of the new machines is the ability to upgrade the tier of your armor or reduce the number of Evo points required to do so manually.

Speaking of which, Evo armor, first introduced as part of a limited-time event earlier this year, has become the standard protective gear in all game modes for Season 6 onwards. While functionally identical to before, a number of limitations – such as top-tier Gold armor being restricted to world loot only – are in place, meaning there’s still incentive to scour your surroundings for treasure.

Finally, a wealth of balance changes to existing Legends have been rolled out, with the focus this time around, being on the Recon class. Bloodhound, Pathfinder and Crypto have all received substantial upgrades to their kits, making their ability to scout the battlefield for potential threats considerably more potent than before. All remaining Apex Legends characters have received their own adjustments ranging from big to small as well, including Loba, who’s received a massive cooldown reduction for her Black Market Boutique ultimate.

Those interested in getting Respawn’s perspective and thought process behind all of the above can head on over to the official patch notes by clicking the link below.