New Evolving Armor Leaked For Apex Legends


Believe it or not, some Apex Legends players aren’t interested in trying out all the content that a major update brings to the battle royale.

For seasoned data-miners, in particular, the first port of call is to dive headfirst into the game’s files and start snooping around for hidden secrets and upcoming content. Thanks to such efforts, Kings Canyon regulars often find out ahead of time what Respawn has planned for the months ahead and like clockwork, a wealth of new discoveries have recently been made. The source of today’s score is trusted data-miner The Gaming Merchant, who wasted no time in rummaging through new assets added in-game alongside Apex Legendsnew Voidwalker event.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, if you haven’t already seen the latest leak concerning upcoming character Crypto, I suggest you do so now by heading through here. For everyone else, this leak concerns so-called ‘Evolving Armor’ that could start appearing in loot pools very soon. We’ll dissect the findings in just a moment but first, see above for Gaming Merchant’s in-depth video.

In essence, Evolving Armor (probably not the final name) is gear that, unlike existing weapons and shields, will upgrade itself in parallel to your own individual performance. In the example shown above, the protective kit begins at level one upon pick-up and continues to gain additional stats and defensive benefits every time its wearer scores a kill. For a genre that’s often criticized for leaning heavily on camping tactics, promoting a more aggressive playstyle by way of stat boosts is a fantastic idea.

A few question marks (how rare will the armor be and will it reset on death?) remain, of course, but innovative ideas like this are certainly the way forward for Apex Legends to further set itself apart from the crowd. Now all we need to do is hope that this isn’t just another case of scrapped content. Fingers crossed!