Watch: First Look At Crypto’s Aerial Drone Ability In Apex Legends

Apex Legends

UPDATE: This video has been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Who is the frontrunner to fill Apex Legends‘ next character slot? Will it be the mysterious Revenant? Perhaps Titanfall 2‘s Blisk is next in line? Both popular and high profile candidates, for sure, but both trail a good distance behind Crypto. As of now, the enigmatic computer hacker and technology expert is the favourite to follow Wattson’s footsteps into Kings Canyon, but when will that be? Judging by leaked images taken at a GameStop conference last week, the newcomer’s visual design has been finalized, suggesting that he’s far along in the development process.

At the earliest, then, fans should expect Crypto to arrive during Season 2, though precedent tells us that such an ETA is perhaps being a little too optimistic. So far, Respawn has stuck rigidly to its schedule of releasing one new hero per season, meaning sometime in October is likely a more accurate guesstimate.

A sizable wait ahead, then, but as always, some fans have decided not to exercise patience. Data-miner Miniguyw is one such individual and, rather than get stuck into Apex Legends‘ latest Voidwalker event, he’s decided to have a dig around in the battle royale’s files. As it turns out, the expedition was worth it, as they appear to have found footage of Crypto’s Aerial Drone in action.

For the unaware, Crypto’s kit is said to revolve around surveillance and reconnaissance and uses a drone to aid him in surveying the battlefield. As per Miniguyw’s notations on the above clip, the drone appears to have several different forms ranging from idle and active surveillance to performing what appears to be an EMP blast meant to disable all electronics in the immediate area. That certainly lines up with everything we’ve learned so far of the Crypto’s abilities, but remember: nothing is official until Respawn says so.

Tell us, though, are you eager to put Apex Legends‘ next roster addition through their paces, or will you be sticking to what you know? Sound off below!