First Look At New Apex Legends Character Crypto

Apex Legends

As is traditional for Apex Legends, we’ve known for weeks that Crypto is the most likely character to be added next. The first we heard of this new Legend was two months ago, but full details were outlined two weeks ago when reliable data-miner The1MiningGuy took apart the game’s then-latest patch and found a wealth of information related to the character. Now, we all but have confirmation that he’s making the cut as he’s appeared on an official banner at the GameStop leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

He looks slightly different than when we briefly saw him in the Season 2 trailer, but the coat is pretty damn recognizable so we can safely say it’s him. See for yourself in the gallery down below.

Described as a “surveillance expert,” Crypto has a variety of support-focused powers that enable him to gather information remotely and quickly feed it to his teammates. His tactical is the Aerial Drone, which allows him to oversee the battlefield, loot objects, retrieve banners and hack doors. It’s a powerful tool, but can also be shot down fairly easily. Let’s hope it has a decent cooldown timer to prevent players from abusing it.

His passive, meanwhile, is the Neuro-Link, which may allow him to see points of interest through walls and automatically supply them to his teammates. And as for his Ultimate, it’s a powerful Drone EMP that causes shield damage, slows enemies and disables any traps within its radius.

Crypto seems to fit neatly within the existing Apex Legends framework, with most new Legends being geared towards non-offensive abilities that encourage players to work as a team. Plus, compared with some of the other upcoming Legends rumored for the game, he doesn’t sound particularly overpowered. Given that Respawn are featuring him on official artwork, I’d expect to hear more about Crypto very soon, so stay tuned.