Apex Legends’ Next New Character Could Be The Mysterious Crypto

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players will soon be inundated with a wealth of new content. Come July 2nd, the battle royale will be born anew with Season 2: Battle Charge, bringing with it new weapons, cosmetics gameplay changes and of course, a brand new character. Besides promising a drastic shake-up of Kings Canyon’s sandbox with her suite of electrically-powered abilities, Wattson’s official reveal has legitimized a series of leaks widely circulated not long after Apex‘s launch.

Early concept art for the aforementioned character as well as Season 1’s Octane was discovered in the confidential portfolio along with several additional portraits belonging to as-yet-unseen individuals. One of these is the dreadlocked, tech-savvy hacker Crypto, who, according to a post on Reddit, is primed to follow Wattson as the next playable hero for Apex Legends.

This is all well and good, of course, but what evidence pointing to Crypto being next is there? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

As part of a collaborative effort between several data miners and would-be detectives, Reddit user FrozenFroh has collated all the current documentation into a single post that appears to hint at a special event quest that will ultimately lead to Crypto’s introduction. One such piece of the puzzle is a file called ‘crypto_laptop_tease’ that was added earlier this month alongside Apex‘s Legendary Hunt event.

What’s more, it’s believed that the recent appearance of dragons in Kings Canyon is a result of Crypto having deactivated the border defences encircling the map. The rabbit hole goes even deeper with further supporting evidence as well, but it’s too in-depth to repeat here. If you want more, though, you can hit the link below to visit FrozenFroh’s entire post about Apex Legends‘ next new character.