Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunt Challenges Have Leaked


Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has begun its bounce-back campaign for the battle royale.

Later this week, the developer will finally unveil the first official details for Season 2 at EA Play, but the rollout of new content begins much sooner than that. Legendary Hunt – the first limited-time event of its kind to reach Kings Canyon – is due to kick off in just a few hours, bringing with it a host of new cosmetics for players to earn.

We’ve known since its unveiling, of course, that the majority of rewards will be tied to completing various challenges that will be available for the event’s duration, though not until now, have we known exactly what those will entail. Thanks to the latest investigative efforts of Reddit user DirtyHipeee, several of those tasks, as well as their associated rewards, have been uncovered early.

There are four (that we know of) in total, and you can check them out below:

As expected of these limited-run affairs, all loot up for grabs will be permanently unobtainable following its conclusion, so if you’re looking to show off your skill and veteran status for future generations, now’s the time to get stuck in. In order to add every new reward to your collection, however, a certain degree of patience and dedication will be required – some of these will prove to be tough as nails for many.

At the entry-level is a fancy Legendary Hunt Badge. This custom profile flair is obtainable simply by achieving a top 5 finish in any match. From there, the stakes get higher and the rewards juicier to match. Achieving a similar finish in Legendary Hunt’s new Elite Queue will unlock the Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin, with five total top 5 finishes awarding the suave Master of the Hunt skin for Bloodhound. To finish, manage to achieve two first place podium finishes and you’ll be the lucky recipient of the Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin.

The last item on that list, in particular, will likely prove hardest to obtain, though you needn’t look any further than the gallery below for a visual incentive to shoot for gold.

Apex Legends‘ Legendary Hunt event begins today at 10 am PST/2 pm EST/7 pm BST/8 pm CET. Good luck!

Source: Reddit