Apex Legends Finally Has Dragons


No, really.

Apex Legends players have recently witnessed what looks suspiciously like dragons roaming the skies of Kings Canyon. As it turns out, that’s exactly what they are, but what purpose does their migration to the map serve? In what’s undoubtedly a nod to the mythical creature’s purported love of gold, there’s a very good reason to keep an eye on the skies above in anticipation of one appearing – treasure.

Immediately following the initial sightings, players have taken to aiming their guns skyward in an effort to shoot the so-called ‘Flyers’ down (you monsters). Thankfully, it so far appears that killing one – or at least bringing it to ground – isn’t possible, but manage to land a few well-placed shots and the winged reptiles will relinquish some loot for you and your crew. This is no ordinary score you could find by simply stripping clean several buildings, though. Oh no. Check out the clip below for an idea of what we’re talking about.

As the excitable streamer above discovers, the loot received whenever a dragon is prompted to part with their luggage is none other than a Deathbox. For the uninitiated, that term refers to the caches that players drop whenever they’re eliminated from play and contain all of the gear, weapons and consumables they had on their person prior to being killed.

As an added twist, however, each Deathbox obtained this way will belong to someone on the dragon hunter’s friends list. In this case, the player in question wasn’t even online at the time, so the process appears to be entirely random right down to the items contained within each crate.

The exact mechanics of Apex Legends‘ surprise update will no doubt be discovered in due time but for now, feel free to partake in a session or two of big game hunting yourselves and let us know down below what kind of loot you’ve been finding inside!

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