New Apex Legends Leak Reveals Crypto’s Abilities

Apex Legends Wattson

The latest limited-time event for Apex Legends is now live for players across all platforms. Alongside a bevy of lucrative new cosmetics – including a snazzy new heirloom for Bloodhound – to earn during Iron Crown Collection’s two-week run, Respawn has finally delivered something fans have been requesting since day one. From now until at least August 27th (the developer has yet to decide if the playlist will become a permanent addition), Kings Canyon regulars can queue into a match on their own, eliminating the need to team up with two others.

Whether the new format will ultimately be considered a success at the end of its run remains to be seen, though the change of pace is welcome, nonetheless. As if all of the above wasn’t already enough, however, Respawn has inadvertently treated fans to an additional surprise.

As per reputable Apex Legends leaker That1MiningGuy’s latest video, several assets and files pertaining to upcoming character Crypto were accidentally added to the game with this week’s patch and the YouTuber has wasted no time in excavating their contents.

Continue reading below for a full breakdown of the hacker’s toolkit:

Tactical Ability: Aerial Drone

Exactly as the name implies, Aerial Drone allows Crypto to deploy a miniature drone kitted-out with a camera onto the battlefield. This can be used to surveil the surrounding area up to a distance of 200 meters and can loot objects, hack doors and even retrieve banners from the Death Boxes of fallen teammates. On paper, the ability sounds absurdly powerful, however, it’s not without a caveat. With a degree of dexterity, enemy players can shoot and destroy Crypto’s drone.

Passive Ability: Neuro Link

Any enemies or points of interest highlighted by the aforementioned drone will be relayed not just back to Crypto but his teammates too. How this information will be conveyed and to what extent isn’t clear, though That1MiningGuy speculates that it will either “show you through walls or on your mini-map.”

Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP

When prompted, Crpyto’s drone will discharge an EMP blast, causing shield damage and a slow effect to anyone caught in its blast radius. According to the video, all traps in the vicinity will also be disabled.

That about does it for everything that’s so far been discovered concerning Crypto’s skillset. Clearly, his playstyle is intended to revolve around the use of an unmanned drone but some specifics remain unclear. Unlikely, given their source, but it’s also worth noting that everything outlined above is subject to change at a moment’s notice.