Leaked Apex Legends Trailer Reveals New Heirloom Weapon For Bloodhound

apex Legends

The latest event for Apex Legends is due to go live later today. The so-called Iron Crown Collection affair brings with it a wardrobe’s worth of new cosmetics as well as a brand new way to play. Finally, following six months of patient waiting, Kings Canyon regulars will soon have access to a new playlist dedicated entirely to solo-minded players. Despite earlier leaks indicating otherwise, Respawn appears to have no intention of including a further duos counterpart playlist as part of Iron Crown, though should solos prove successful, who knows what the future will bring?

As of now, the developer clearly intends for this limited-time occasion to serve as a testing ground for solo mode’s potential permanent status, but some commentators are already voicing their skepticism. Popular Twitch streamer and Apex player Shroud is one such critic of Respawn’s new venture, having stated his belief last week that the mode will fail due to the shooter not being designed with solo play in mind. Whether that prediction proves accurate, we’ll find out in just a few hours’ time. For now, we have a leaked trailer to pore over.

Likely intended to coincide with the event’s beginning, one party has jumped the gun and released Iron Crown’s trailer a bit early, and you can check it out down below.

Besides providing a first-look at some of the new character skins inbound, the clip also reveals a new mode, Town Takeover, as well as something very special indeed for fans of Bloodhound. The scout and reconnaissance hero is getting his own heirloom weapon in the form of a one-handed hatchet. For the uninformed, heirloom items are extremely rare unlocks – rarer even, than legendaries – that cannot be crafted or unlocked by any other means other than loot boxes.

Currently, Wraith is the only hero who has one such trinket – a kunai knife – which provides no in-game advantage beyond cosmetic exclusivity. Whether Bloodhound’s own treasured possession will be obtained in much the same way as Wraith’s remains to be seen, though with its introduction being part of a limited-time event, I imagine Respawn will make the means of its acquisition more reliable than a random drop. Stay tuned.