Major Apex Legends Leak Hints At Solo And Duo Modes

Apex Legends

By now, many Apex Legends players must feel as if some of their requests are falling on deaf ears. Respawn, to its credit, has done a terrific job of responding to fan feedback when it concerns bugs, balance concerns and performance issues, but gameplay features? Not so much. Season 2’s arrival last month finally marked the introduction of a bonafide ranked mode for the battle royale, of course, and while welcome, it’s far from the only new way to play that fans have been asking for since launch.

Currently, the only way of accessing Kings Canyon is via teaming up with two others. As any solo-minded player can surely testify, being at the mercy of your teammate’s skill (or lack thereof) can often result in a frustrating experience, the only viable alternative being to form pre-made groups with friends or acquaintances. Likewise, teams are frequently punished through no fault of their own when one of their members decides to wander off, only to instantly get a bullet in the head.

For those, and undoubtedly many more reasons, solo and duo modes are frequently top of the community wishlist.

The potential inclusion of both is a topic that Respawn has recognized and spoken of before, but not recently. That doesn’t mean the idea has been scrapped, however. In fact, if these latest leaks are anything to go by, the opposite could be true.

As per seasoned Apex Legends leaker That1MiningGuy’s latest deep dive into the game’s files, solos and duos could arrive sooner than first thought. The suspicions arise from MiningGuy’s discovery of a new, currently unused, “no fill” option. When checked, the toggle would allow players to forego the usual matching process and jump straight into a match by themselves. Whether using the feature would mean players would only get matched with other solos remains to be seen, though I can’t imagine there’s any other alternative.

As always, take the above with a generous pinch of salt, though should Apex Legends truly be about to deliver on such a hotly-anticipated feature, recent teasers from publisher EA suggest it could be here within a matter of weeks. Stay tuned.