Respawn May Have Ditched Plans For Solo And Duo Modes In Apex Legends

Apex Legends 1

At long last, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has introduced one core gameplay feature fans have been clamouring for since its launch last month. Seasonal refreshes, as well as a subscriber-only Battle Pass promising heaps of new cosmetic rewards, have become necessary ingredients for a successful battle royale title since Epic Games popularized them with Fortnite and it was only a matter of time until Respawn followed suit. Despite the dissatisfaction some players have voiced in regards to the apparent lack of reasons to buy-in for Apex Legends‘ initial round of premium content, its introduction has nonetheless enriched the gameplay experience for many, but what of the remaining features that are still absent?

One important talking point that has been discussed to death over the last month has been whether Respawn intends to add additional modes for King’s Canyon regulars, chiefly solo and duo options. Whether it’s due to personal preference, organizational issues or a multitude of other reasons, some players either can’t or desire not to always be tied to two others in the journey to be crowned champion and the continued lack of options to account for different tastes is one Respawn seemingly has no plan to remedy soon. In fact, if recent leaks are any indication, the prospect of solos and/or duos making it in-game in the near future has become even less likely.

Dedicated data-miner @RealApexLeaks surfaced from their most recent round of digging to break the disappointing news that files pertaining to solos and duos have been removed from the current version of the game. Does this revelation mark the final nail in the coffin for Apex Legends players still awaiting their mode of choice, though? Not likely, but it does raise some interesting questions in regards to where Respawn’s priorities lie.

Should it be the case that the developer has pushed back its plans to provide those respective modes, then it would serve the studio well to come out with an explanation for the delay. Alternatively, this could simply be yet another case of fans reading too much into unpublicized changes. Respawn has warned us against believing everything we find online, so we’ve really no option but to wait and see which way the wind blows. Stay tuned.