Apex Legends May Soon Add New Legend Immortal

Apex Legends

Data-miners have been steadily working through the code of Apex Legends ever since its release earlier this year. So far, they’ve turned up a plethora of new weapons, new game modes, new abilities and, most excitingly, new Legends. The latest big leak of data came via the game’s Iron Crown patch, which revealed hints of 14 new characters and now, we have specific details about one of them, the intriguingly named Immortal, who’ll apparently be the game’s next big healer after Lifeline.

After going through all the files released for the character, YouTuber The Gaming Merchant has put together a comprehensive rundown of how he’ll play. One of the most eye-catching powers is that (appropriately given the name), Immortal can revive himself. At first glance, this power sounds game-breaking – if you can just bring yourself back to life, how could you ever be defeated? Fortunately, it seems that both the cast-time and cooldown on this will be quite lengthy, preventing players from abusing the ability.

The next two linked abilities, meanwhile, are shield-based. Shield Charger is a defensive ability that emits a nanite cloud which charges your teammates’ shields, while Shield Teardown does the same but offensively, with your nanites chewing through the enemies’ shields. I assume that these have a limited area of effect, but Shield Teardown could be brutally effective if you’re battling a team that stays together and you can coordinate an attack from your squad.

Finally, Immortal’s Ultimate is called Rise of the Phoenix and sounds like it could be a real game-changer. This takes eight seconds to charge and fully restores your health and shield while also granting your teammates 30 seconds of self-revive. This has the potential to completely turn the tables for your group if you’re in a tight spot. Activate it at just the right time and you could go from limping along with low health to dominating a match.

Right now, I think Immortal sounds a bit too good. Let’s hope they can balance these powers out before he arrives though so we don’t see him becoming a pre-requisite for top tier teams in Apex Legends.