New Apex Legends Crypto Leaks Reveal Potential Hacking Abilities


Respawn is on the verge of introducing a brand new hero to Apex Legends. At least, that’s what a great many fans of the battle royale believe to be the case. Ever since the arrival of static defender Wattson as part of Season 2 last month, speculation has been running rampant as to who will be next to follow in her path. Several candidates have so far been put forward as next in line to join the roster but currently, it’s Crypto who’s way out in the lead.

References, both in-game and via data-mining, to the career computer hacker have been discovered since Season 2 began, many of which heavily imply he’s to blame for letting the monstrous Leviathans run rampant in Kings Canyon. The rumor mill has largely fallen silent since then, though dedicated data-miner That1MiningGuy has discovered a wealth of new details they believe pertains to the various abilities Crypto will have access to when he finally joins the fight.

Currently, the hundreds of computer terminals scattered throughout Apex Legends‘ map serve no purpose. If That1MiningGuy’s speculation hits the bullseye, it means that discovered files such as “terminal_usable” and “communication/terminal” could point to Crypto being able to manipulate them for some unspecified advantage in battle. As is the case with Pathfinder’s beacon, one likely function of terminal hacking would be to give him critical information such as weapon spawns or enemy locations.

To what degree the above turns out to be accurate remains to be seen, though one thing we do know is that Respawn is actively developing a new character. Last week, the studio posted a series of images on social media showing what appeared to be a motion capture session for Apex Legends. See here for all the details.