Respawn’s Teasing A New Character For Apex Legends

Apex Legends Wattson

Starting with adrenaline junkie Octane in Wild Frontier and followed by static defender Wattson, Apex Legends‘ new character tally currently stands at a modest two. That figure will undoubtedly balloon in size as the battle royale grows older but the question of ‘who and when?’ remains. Back when Respawn was still struggling to find its feet off the back of some massive initial success, the developer had briefly mentioned its intention of introducing multiple newcomers per season.

That wasn’t to be the case for Wild Frontier but Battle Charge still has plenty of life left before it’s pushed aside for Season 3. Ever since Season 2 kicked off, fans have been speculating on the ETA of Wattson’s successor, wild theorizing that Respawn seems more than happy to oblige. Studio employee Tina Sanchez recently posted an image of herself wearing what appears to be a motion-capture costume on Twitter.

That in itself doesn’t give too much away, but fans have drawn particular attention to the cane Sanchez is holding. Check out the Tweet below.

The cane’s significance, you ask? Assuming the prop is serving as a stand-in for something else (say, a sword, perhaps?), then this could be the clearest sign yet that Sanchez is performing motion capture for none other than the mysterious Crypto. In both leaks and art appearing in-game, the character is shown to have a sword sheathed and strapped to his back so it’s hardly a long shot to assume he’d use it in battle.

Clearly eager to learn more, one fan responded to Sanchez’s original post asking if she was performing for the role of Crypto, to which Sanchez simply replied with a blank-faced emoji.

Take that as you will.

Apex Legends Season 2 is currently in full swing and brings plenty of new content to the table. Will we see a second hero join the fight prior to its end? Who knows, but with Season 3 not expected to start until late October, there’s certainly plenty of time for Respawn to provide an answer. Stay tuned.