Apex Legends Leak Reveals A Potential New Character

Apex Legends

Who (or what) will be next to join the Apex Legends roster?

Given the ever-evolving nature of Respawn’s battle royale, it’s a question without a permanent answer. Prior to the beginning of Season 1, the answer was Octane; Wattson for Season 2, but now? Your guess is as good as ours because the list of potential candidates just keeps on growing. The current frontrunner, of course, is Crypto. The computer hacker and mystery man largely credited for letting the gargantuan Leviathans into Kings Canyon has been name-dropped several times since Battle Charge went live. Thematically speaking, it would make the most sense for Crypto to be next in line, but he’s far from the only contender.

The purpose of several recently discovered files pertaining to Titanfall 2 antagonist Blisk still remains unanswered, as too, do the mass amounts of leaked character concept art discovered shortly after Apex‘s launch. With a pool of potential newcomers that large, choosing just one is nigh impossible and to make matters worse, data miners have recently discovered yet another.

As per YouTuber The Gaming Merchant’s latest deep dive into Apex Legends files, several references to what appears to be a character named ‘Buddy’ were found. Among these were audio clips seemingly referencing various actions. Two in particular, ‘buddy_crouch_brush’ and ‘buddy_crouch_concrete’ are soundbites clearly intended to play whenever a player crouches on different terrain.

It may well present itself as indisputable evidence of a new Apex hero, but do keep in mind that, as with all leaks of this type, there could be any number of outcomes. Respawn itself has echoed the warning of reading too much into leaks and this latest revelation could end up being little more than unused or placeholder assets. We’ll assuredly find out the truth when Apex Legends‘ next new character eventually arrives but for now, keep a pinch of salt close by.