Titanfall 2’s Blisk Could Be The Next Playable Apex Legends Character


Apex Legends players are currently weathering a particularly severe content drought. Ever since Respawn launched the battle royale’s first season, Wild Frontier, fans have voiced their discontent over the relative lack of meaningful rewards. Various character and weapon skins, as well as inconsequential stat trackers and banners, make up the majority of Season 1’s offerings, but it’s new character Octane that ultimately ended up being the most major addition.

Available as a standalone purchase, the speedy combatant has largely received a warm welcome, not least for providing an important metagame shift that has long since settled. Several patches have come and gone since then, some of which have provided some much-needed balance changes to the likes of Caustic and Gibraltar to improve their pick rate, but for many, it’s not enough. The continued infusion of new blood into Kings Canyon is essential for ensuring a fresh gameplay experience and Respawn is well aware of the fact.

The developer has reiterated several times its intention to follow Octane’s release with new heroes, promising at least one fresh face to coincide with the beginning of each new season. As to who that might be, the fan favourite has been Wattson, thanks to an earlier leak outing their existence, but who else is on the list?

As per newly-discovered assets over on ArtStation, one hot contender is Blisk. Titanfall 2 fans will immediately recognize the rogue as the shooter’s main antagonist and the leader of the mercenary group Apex Predators. Blisk escapes with his life at the campaign’s climax, but not before leaving behind a calling card stamped with his militia’s logo, hinting that the character still had a bigger part to play in the series’ wider narrative.

However, with Respawn recently confirming that development of Titanfall 3 is on indefinite hold, it could well be the case that Blisk will make the jump to Apex Legends. The two series are, after all, set in the same universe, and given how carefree the studio has been in the past, with reusing assets from the former, him taking a vacation to Kings Canyon is a real possibility.

It should be noted, too, that one new character is still on the cards to arrive before the conclusion of Apex Legends Season 1, so it shouldn’t be long before we get an answer either way. Stay tuned.