Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Abilities For Upcoming Character Wattson


Presented as a long-awaited alternative to Epic Games’ own Fortnite, Apex Legends swiftly achieved that goal with flying colors upon launch back in February, though Respawn, it seems, is still struggling to find its groove in the crowded battle royale genre. Last week saw the developer wrestle with several issues introduced as a result of Apex Legends‘ latest update and while said bugs were promptly dealt with, it’s unforeseen issues such as account wipes that detract Respawn from focusing on adding something that Kings Canyon is sorely lacking – content.

At its core, Apex Legends‘ strategic gunplay and fluid movement represent some of the best in the genre, no doubt, but just one major content update – Season 1: Wild Frontier – has been released since February. New character Octane, along with Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass marked Wild Frontier’s commencement and while the former has been welcomed with open arms, the latter continues to draw criticism for its lack of a meaningful cosmetic grind.

That feedback has been taken on board in the weeks since and, to its credit, Respawn says it still has plenty more planned for Season 1, including – you guessed it – another newcomer to Apex‘s roster to accompany Octane. While unconfirmed, previous data mining efforts have pointed at the electrically-charged Wattson as being the next character in-line to join the existing cast, speculation that gains further traction with today’s leak.

As per ApexLeaksNews, one of Wattson’s abilities will include them being able to place two fence posts that, when planted, will form an electric fence that only Wattson can traverse over. As Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps have proven in the past, area denial abilities can be particularly potent in Apex Legends and Wattson could very well prove to be a character meant for such shenanigans. As always, take everything seen above with a pinch of salt, though when taking prior leaks into consideration, the evidence is surely mounting in Wattson’s favor.