The Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Is Now Live


Ever since Apex Legends exploded onto consoles and PCs on February 4th, fans have been wondering when the first season proper would commence. Well, wonder no longer, because as of right now, Season 1 – titled Wild Frontier – is upon us. Available from today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the battle pass costs 950 Apex Coins (or $10 in actual money) and consists of 100 levels through which you can progress through to earn cosmetic rewards.

However, if you’re feeling flush and don’t have time to waste, you can also pick up the Bundle edition of the pass which skips the first 25 levels and gives you the first 25 items instantly. This privilege will cost you 2,800 Apex Coins (or $30). Lastly, there’s a free version of the Battle Pass that comes with just a new character skin, five Apex packs and 18 skill trackers. If you want to find out exactly what you’re going to unlock in the season, the official website helpfully lists everything.

Also, if you play through the entire Season 1 and gain all the rewards, you’ll accrue 1000 Apex Coins, and if you save those for a rainy day, you’ll be able to buy Apex Legends Season 2 for no extra cost once it gets released.

One of the highlights of Season 1 is, of course, the introduction of new hero Octane, whose arrival has been teased with the placement of green launch pads around the map. But while he’s a big selling point of Wild Frontier, know that you don’t actually need to buy the pass in order to unlock him. Like Caustic and Mirage, you can simply purchase him as a standalone product from the in-game store.

While it’s nice that Apex Legends Season 1 is finally here, I (and many other players) can’t help but feel a tiny bit underwhelmed by the amount of cosmetics contained in it. The pack contains a paltry four character skins, with the majority of the loot being badges, icons, skill trackers and the like. With that in mind, let’s hope that there’s more substantial content coming down the line, eh?

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