Respawn Removing New Feature From Apex Legends On PS4


Just like Epic did before it with Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment has found much success in the battle royale genre. Since launching back in February, the developer’s latest effort, Apex Legends, has received a ton of attention, bringing in tens of thousands of viewers on streaming platforms like Twitch and already boasting a player base of well over 50 million.

That’s a lot of people running around the game’s one and only map – Kings Canyon – and given how competitive Apex Legends can get, it’s only understandable that they all want to try and find a way to get an edge up on their opponents. But it seems that some folks have taken things too far – as always happens – and are resorting to cheating.

Thankfully, Respawn has been pretty diligent in regards to eradicating these cheaters from the game, and one handy feature they’ve implemented recently is a reporting system. And while it’s far from the number one way to stop stuff like this, it does help. That’s why it’s disappointing to learn that it’s now being turned off for the PS4 version of Apex Legends.

Over on Reddit, the developer explained the situation, saying:

We are temporarily turning off player reporting on PS4. We need to do some dev work on it to comply better with how this information is provided to Sony and we’re working with them on the improvements. This is an important feature that we want to bring back and will turn it back on once we’ve done the necessary work.

There’s no word on when it’ll be brought back, but it’s good to know that the reporting system isn’t gone for good and is just being turned off temporarily. After all, while Apex Legends is still pretty hot, it’s been having a rough couple of weeks thanks to the launch of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

The justifiably poor reception of its contents sparked a minor backlash and an update that wiped player progress and items certainly didn’t help matters, either – even if it was quickly fixed. But the one thing that seems to be really bothering everyone is the amount of cheaters, so let’s hope the reporting system isn’t gone for too long and that Respawn continues to find ways to rid Apex Legends of those who wish to ruin it for others.

Source: Reddit