Respawn’s Adding A Reporting System To Apex Legends

Apex Legends

As Epic did before it with Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment has seen wild success in the battle royale genre. Since launching last month, the developer’s latest effort, Apex Legends, has found itself with a ton of attention, bringing in tens of thousands of viewers on streaming platforms like Twitch – even beating out its competitor on several occasions – and already boasting a whopping 50 million players.

That’s a lot of people hopping into the game to see what all the fuss is about, and given how competitive Apex Legends can get, it’s only understandable that everyone’s looking to get an edge up on their opponents. But it seems that some players have gone a bit too far in that regard and are resorting to cheating. Obviously, that’s not something anyone wants in their game and Respawn is now taking some steps to combat it.

The developer announced earlier today that a reporting system will soon be implemented so that people can easily report cheaters in-game. Product Manager Lee Horn broke the news, promising that Respawn will have more to say on the topic in the near future but that fans can rest assured that the feature is on the way.

“A more detailed post about cheating is coming, so I don’t want to steal [Community Manager] Jay’s thunder, but a reporting feature is definitely on the way.”

Given that the process to report cheaters right now is pretty ineffective – you can’t do it in-game as it can only be done on EA’s website – it’s great to see that Respawn is adding this in. Not that cheating is a huge problem yet in Apex Legends, but as we said above, it’s definitely going on and as the game continues to grow, it’ll only get worse.

It’s unclear when exactly this new reporting system will be made public, but if the developer’s already openly talking about it, then we imagine it won’t be long now before they roll it out. Until then, you can rest assured that Respawn is still taking measures to ban cheaters as since launch, over 16,000 people have lost access to Apex Legends. And that number will only increase once the reporting feature goes live.