Apex Legends Servers Down After Huge Bug Resets Accounts


Earlier today, Respawn delivered a new patch for Apex Legends. It didn’t change anything significant, as characters and the map were left alone, but it did bring us a new feature.

In case you haven’t heard, you can now group up with the last squad you played with. The usernames of your teammates who were with you in your most recent game will show up on the left side of the lobby, and from there, you can invite them for another round.

While that’s definitely a nice feature to have, the patch didn’t exactly go down smoothly with gamers, as it seems to be causing a bug for a lot of people where it resets their accounts to level 1 and gets rid of all their purchases. As of yet, there’s no fix for it, but Respawn has now pulled down the servers as they investigate. Furthermore, the developer has issued an official warning, saying: “Until we have the issue resolved we recommend you do not buy or craft anything.”

Aside from the fact that it was caused by the new patch, there’s no information yet on why exactly this bug is occurring, but we can confirm that those who didn’t download the update haven’t run into any issues. In any case, with the servers now down, it’s not like you can choose to skip the patch anyways. For the moment, we’ll just have to wait for the developer to give us an update and sit tight.

In the meantime, though, tell us, were you one of the unfortunate gamers whose account got wiped with the recent patch? Or is your Apex Legends profile still safe and sound? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment in the usual place.

Source: GameRant