New Apex Legends Glitch Lets Players Get Inside The Mighty Leviathans

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have spent the last week or so getting to grips with all-new content introduced to the battle royale with Season 2. New character Wattson (and potentially another), weapons, cosmetics and a totally revamped battle pass appear to have gone down a treat with folks still battling their hearts out in Kings Canyon, but Respawn hasn’t stopped there. No doubt a result of concerted efforts not to repeat Season 1’s poor reception, Apex‘s map, too, has undergone several drastic changes, one of which being the appearance of Leviathans.

Several of the four-legged gargantuan beasts can now be witnessed roaming the sandbox and they’re not just there as screen dressing, either. Get too close to one of the creature’s skyscraper-sized feet as it comes crashing down to Earth and you’ll find yourself served up for breakfast as a pancake. For that reason, players have taken to steering clear of Leviathans wherever possible, though this latest glitch might make you think differently.

As per a post by wingedkeyboard over on Reddit, it appears that, with the right tools and timing, players can actually glitch themselves inside a Leviathan’s chunky leg, making them immune to stomping damage.

You can actually go into the Leviathans leg and survive a stomp! from apexlegends

Pretty neat, right? As is always the case with these sorts of exploits, however, the prospect of bans being doled out to users of a glitch is always possible. Especially where outright cheaters are concerned, Respawn has a zero tolerance policy in place for those offenses though in this case, there doesn’t appear to by any perceivable advantage gained from performing the above. In fact, a member of the Apex Legends development team has since responded in the very same comment thread to confirm that players who discover such oddities won’t be banned.

With that said, anyone found to be using the exploit in Ranked is another matter entirely and is likely to get walloped with the ban hammer. Proceed at your own risk!