New Apex Legends Data-Mine Teases Titanfall 2 Character Blisk

Apex Legends

Last week, Respawn pushed out the battle royale’s Iron Crown Collection event for Apex Legends, an occasion that finally granted players access to a dedicated solo mode. While reception to that gameplay addition has largely been positive, the same certainly can’t be said of its other major component. The questionable monetization of Iron Crown’s limited-time cosmetics and the fallout that followed has resulted in the developer issuing an apology.

That should have concluded matters, but the situation has only worsened due to a spat between both parties on social media straining an already tense relationship. How that disaster ultimately blows over remains to be seen, though it’s far from the only act of clumsiness on Respawn’s behalf. Shortly after last week’s patch going live, it emerged that the studio had neglected to remove certain assets from the game’s files, some of which reference a list of characters yet to be released.

Among those named-ropped was none other than Crypto. The computer hacker is largely expected to be the next newcomer to Kings Canyon but far from the last. YouTuber TheGamingMerchant has since taken another peek at the leaked files and discovered heavy mention of a name that many will immediately recognize.

The reference pertains, of course, to Titanfall 2 antagonist and soldier-for-hire Blisk. Unlike the last time rumours of his inclusion surfaced, no in-game renders of the character accompany the leak. Instead, file names, including ‘character_Blisk_CHARSELECT_SUBTITLE’ represent all the evidence necessary to reach a conclusion. As per GamingMerchant’s commentary, such files precede a playable character’s nickname, with Blisk’s noted as ‘Elite Mercenary.