New Leaked Apex Legends Character Is All About Crafting

Apex Legends

Having kicked off just a few days ago, the Iron Crown event is looking to shake things up for Apex Legends players. After months and months of requests and pleas, it seems like developer Respawn Entertainment is finally listening to the fans, and has added a limited-time Solos mode, which will be available until August 27th. As you might imagine, without the chance to be revived or helped out by a teammate, this new style of play definitely takes some getting used to, especially since the individual characters are outfitted with abilities that complement each other.

While the event as a whole hasn’t exactly been smoothing sailing (players looking to collect all the new skins and cosmetic items are forced to pay for overpriced loot boxes), the Iron Crown update has allowed data-miners to dig into the game’s code to get an idea of what’s in the works. And as Dot Esports reports, well-known leaker That1MiningGuy has recently released a brand new video which dives into the abilities for an unreleased character named Nomad.

This particular Apex Legend is centered around loot and crafting. His passive ability, Packmule, grants him and his teammates more space in their backpacks. Nomad’s loot compass, meanwhile, points him towards nearby pickups, with That1MiningGuy suggesting it would either “work like a radar system” or involve an actual compass.

His ultimate ability comes in the form of a crafting table, which would summon a placeable workstation and, in turn, allow Nomad to recycle unused items into more useful add-ons and the like. Needless to say, these leaks have not been confirmed by Respawn or Electronic Arts, so for now, it’s best not to treat them as gospel.