Apex Legends Is Getting A Solo Mode For Two Weeks

Apex Legends Wattson

Ever since Apex Legends launched back in February of this year, we’ve heard rumors that developer Respawn Entertainment was planning to add a Solo mode to the game. In fact, we’ve reported on it multiple times, and just yesterday, we wrote that the oft-requested feature would be making its debut sooner rather than later.

Well, if you’ve been dying to make your way through Kings Canyon as a lone wolf, it looks like your wish is coming true…for a limited time only. Earlier today, a post surfaced on the game’s official Twitter account revealing a brand new Solos mode, which is set to launch on August 13th.

Unfortunately, the brief video attached to the tweet didn’t show a whole lot. Coming in at under 30 seconds, the clip featured a few three-soldier teams shrinking down to solo squads, teasing that “only one can wear the crown.”

Until we hear otherwise, it doesn’t seem like the new mode comes with any gameplay tweaks or alterations, save for the fact that being downed instantly results in your death. For now, it looks like Solos will only be made available from August 13th till the 27th, unless Respawn and Electronic Arts choose to make it a permanent fixture. As ComicBook.com points out, during one of the publisher’s recent financial reports, a comment suggested that Apex Legends would be getting “one of the most fan-requested features” – we’re willing to bet this was a reference to Solos.

With the launch just a week away, we’re excited to see how the community will react to the new mode – personally, I think I’ll stick to the standard three-person squad. There’s bound to be new information and updates about Solos in the coming days though, so as always, keep your eyes on this space for the latest Apex Legends news as it shoots down the pipeline.