Apex Legends Data-Mine Reveals New Champion Revenant

Apex Legends Wattson

The next two weeks are shaping up to be an interesting time for Apex Legends. As we previously reported, EA’s battle royale finally received a solo mode, allowing players to lone-wolf it across Kings Canyon in an effort to come out on top. It’s been an oft-requested feature ever since the game launched back in February, and it looks like the community is quickly finding out whether they prefer teaming up with two others, or if they’d rather compete on their own.

Still, the Iron Crown hasn’t been met without its fair share of issues. Most notably, players have expressed their annoyance about the event’s loot box system, which requires shelling out over $150 in hard-earned cash to unlock every new cosmetic item, seeing as how only two Iron Crown packs can be unlocked in-game. There’s another silver lining though – the latest patch proved to be a treasure trove for data-miners, and That1MiningGuy (who has a fairly solid track record when it comes to leaks), has revealed the existence of an unreleased character named Revenant.

It seems Revenant, a robot simulacrum, has two stances – a regular, and a shadow. As a result, depending on what stance Revenant is currently using, players would have access to a variety of abilities. In the so-called regular stance, the tactical ability takes the form of a poison dagger which can track a target’s location for up to a minute, while a poison bomb can damage and slow down targets hit by its area of effect.

As That1MiningGuy explains, Revenant’s ultimate ability would lay down a totem which prevents the death of anyone who uses it. If you end up getting downed or killed, you’d return to it with 20 health. If Revenant makes use of the totem, they’ll be revived in Shadow form, with the ability to shadow walk (moving silently and quicker for a few seconds). The second tactical ability, called Shadow Step, sends out a shadow version of your character and allows players to teleport to it. Lastly, the alternate ultimate ability allows Revenant to create a door through walls.

As always, these leaks are not guaranteed to be representative of upcoming features for Apex Legends and have not been confirmed by Respawn. So, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.