Latest Apex Legends Leaks Hint At New Jackhammer Weapon

Apex Legends

In the world of Apex Legends, secrets don’t stay that way for long. In fact, ever since the launch of Respawn’s battle royale, some fans have taken to excavating the title’s innards on a regular basis. Oft-times, such efforts yield little more than unused or unremarkable discoveries but in this line of work, the promise of striking gold makes persistence well worth the effort. From character assets and weapon skins to audio files and cosmetics, nothing is safe from the prying eyes of data miners, not least when it concerns upcoming new content.

And so here we, once again, on the receiving end of some potentially massive news for the ever-changing sandbox that is Kings Canyon. This time around, the leaks revolve around a series of audio clips that, for Titanfall 2 fans, at least, will sound eerily familiar. As discovered by YouTuber and serial leaker The Gaming Merchant, said soundbites are identical to that of the Leadwall shotgun last seen in Respawn’s now-defunct sci-fi series.

Check it out below:

In a strange turn of events, however, the files discovered by Gaming Merchant are labelled as ‘weapon_jackhammer_fire_3p,’ rather than the assumed Leadwall designation, somewhat muddying the waters in regards to Respawn’s plans for the assets. With that said, it’s worth noting that the Triple Take sniper rifle and R-99 submachine gun currently available in Apex Legends both originally appeared in Titanfall 2 with different names. It’s therefore not outside the realms of possibility that the so-called Jackhammer is simply the very same weapon as the Leadwall, just with a different moniker.

As is always necessary with these sorts of leaks, one should take them with a fat pinch of salt. Though given past precedent, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jackhammer introduce itself in the near future. As world loot or an airdrop exclusive though, who knows. We’ll let you decide amongst yourselves in the comments below.