Apex Legends Season 6 Leak Hints At New Tropical Island Map Coming Soon

Apex Legends

In a somewhat surprising schedule adjustment, Respawn rolled out Season 6: Boosted for Apex Legends in the early hours of Tuesday for US players, giving those across the pond the perfect wake-up present on an otherwise unremarkable morning. New Legend Rampart, an influx of fresh cosmetics, map changes, crafting and a wealth of balance adjustments are all live and waiting for you to jump in and explore, then, but it’s not just the aforementioned playable content that’s stirred up a frenzy of excitement among the player base.

Always ready to dive in and go digging through game files that would otherwise remain unseen, data miners have uncovered a string of references to what appears to be a new, currently unreleased map. The names, as they appear in the leak, can be found below, courtesy of Twitter user Shrugtal.

While this doesn’t necessarily confirm that a new map is on the way, it’s worth noting that the file name “MP_RR_TROPIC_ISLAND_DESC” is the designation given to both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, meaning that the code is unlikely to be referencing anything else. If we’re to assume that Apex Legends will soon be trading concrete jungles for those of the more natural kind, however, a whole host of questions still remain. Is the upcoming battleground intended to be added in Season 6? Will it be a permanent addition, or added as part of a limited-time event?

For what it’s worth, we’re of the mind that this is simply prep work for Season 7 later in the year, not least because Tropic Island is clearly a placeholder name. Had Respawn intended for the locale to arrive imminently, it would have made far more sense to be promoted in pre-release trailers and released alongside everything else in Season 6. Then again, we don’t have inside knowledge of the developer’s intentions, so take everything above with a hearty dose of salt.

Apex Legends Season 6 is available across all platforms now. See here for all the details.