Watch: Apex Legends Season 6 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals All-New Rewards

Apex Legends

The final trailer for Apex Legends Season 6 has arrived ahead of launch tomorrow and this time, the focus is squarely on showcasing some of the rewards players can earn over the next three months.

As always, the battle royale’s season Battle Pass in Boosted will have two tracks, split between free and premium, with the latter boasting all sorts of slick-looking cosmetics for fans to customize their gameplay experience with. The video above only shows off a small selection of what’s on offer this time around, though we are treated to a first look at costumes for Pathfinder and Bloodhound. Loading screens, Gun Charms and voice packs are all up for grabs, as too, is a brand new cosmetic item: holo-sprays.

These nifty little gadgets can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield, come in a variety of different flavors and are the perfect way to mark your prowess in the Apex Games. While only a handful are visible in the trailer, it looks as if at least one holo-spray for each existing Legend will be available from the word go.

That about covers the rewards side of Season 6, then, but if you’re more interested in gameplay additions and/or improvements, worry not – Respawn’s got you covered. In addition to defensive Legend Rampart, other changes to the sandbox include the new Volt energy SMG, a crafting system and changes to Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Finally, extensive balance changes for existing content will no doubt accompany tomorrow’s patch notes, some of which have already been teased by members of the development team.

Season 5 newcomer Loba will be getting some tweaks to up her pick rate and competitive viability, though more extensive adjustments will take longer to roll out. You can head over here for the full story on that front.

Apex Legends Season 6 goes live tomorrow, August 18th.